Friday, 10 January 2014

Happy New Year from Harper Impulse

Harper Impulse, Romance fiction publishers are very busy preparing for new releases this year....
They publish a range of romance titles from Contemporary to paranormal and historical to erotica, plus many more. (I prefer the less racy ones, including titles from Mandy Baggot, Sue Fortin and Linn B Halton)   There is something to suit all Romance fans.
Charlotte is here to tell us more....

Happy 2014 Book Lovers!
It’s such a pleasure to be on the lovely Dizzy C’s fab blog and look ahead to an exciting new year for both HarperImpulse and the amazing books and authors we all love to read.
With the team all back in the office now and Christmas feeling like a distant twinkling fairy light of a memory, our focus is now very much on the year ahead and the exciting books and events we have planned.
This week it’s all been about the big V for us. That’s right, it’s now only 4 weeks away until Valentine’s Day... And boy have we been having lots of fun planning treats for you lucky readers! Whether you’re the type of person to dress up as cupid and dive headfirst into a bed of roses, or someone who’d rather that chubby angel just flew straight back to the card companies he came from, there’s going to be something for everyone… from the steamiest, most seductive erotica to genuine laugh out loud, melt your heart rom coms.
Unfortunately this is all top secret stuff so I can’t reveal too much here just yet… for now all I can give you is this… 

 but keep an eye on our Facebook page for all the latest news and cover reveals from the team!
Away from all the February 14th excitement, I’ve been back in the Impulse inbox and reading the amazing submissions we’ve been getting. I always say the best part of my job is curling up at my desk - as much as I can in my office swivel chair (The dream is a leather chesterfield armchair…preferably with a drinks globe, if you’re reading this Kim…) – and pore over the exciting new voices in women’s fiction. 2014 has already started with some seriously nice phone calls….
And don’t forget here at HarperImpulse there is nothing we love more than waffling on about books and all things romance with you - readers, bloggers, writers –drop us a line on FB or @HarperImpulse and tell us what you’re reading and loving! For me, with the film out in March and book 3 sitting on my desk, it’s all about the Divergent series… any Four fans out there?!!
Find more titles across the Romance fiction genre from Harper Impulse ..........


  1. Love my new book cover! This is the first time I've seen the finished design!

  2. Definitely more for the laugh out loud, melt your heart rom coms with the emphasis on the laugh out loud I look forward to reading more of this.

  3. I like the cover as well! :)

  4. Sound like 2014 is going to be a good year, I get what you mean about liking the less racy titles as I do too but I'm a sucker for historical and paranormal books (as long as it's not too dirty!)


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